What You Should Know About Living in Arlington

Arlington is a fast-growing city that has shown lots of potential for the past twenty years. The city is home to the stadium that which the Dallas Cowboys play in and one among the most cost-effective housing options in the country: residents who reside here claim that it’s the best place on Earth.

Here’s the information you should be aware of about Arlington before you make an move!

Enjoy The Perks of Dallas Without the Traffic

Dallas is well-known as a hotspot for all types of visitors, from tourists to sports fans. those who live in Arlington can enjoy the best that things it has to offer without the hassle. It means that you can leave your cheap apartment and to a night of partying in Dallas with locals after which you can return home from the crowds and noise.

Local Sports and Exciting Past-Times

If you’re a fan of sports, then you’ll appreciate how you can go to the AT&T Stadium will be located at its home in Arlington! It means you’ll have the pleasure of watching live games from The Dallas Cowboys, as well as many other sporting events that include basketball games, concerts rodeos, to Spartan races. The fact that this is within the city you reside in guarantees that you’ll never be short of events to watch.

More Affordable Than Most of Texas

Texas is widely considered to be a state that is affordable as it is much cheaper than California or many eastern states. But, Arlington is taking it a step further by ensuring that Arlington apartment rentals are cheaper than those that are found within El Paso or Dallas, but without needing to sacrifice the advantages you get from living close to an urban area.

The Best Restaurants in the State

If you’re a fan of good food: Arlington is going to surprise you! From delicious burgers like Fork in the Road to Babe’s Chicken Dinner House that has huge portions and you’ll be able go to almost every restaurant and walk out full and satisfied. While the focus is of comfort foods in Arlington there’s almost anything you’re looking for!

Awesome Weather

If you live in Arlington is where you can enjoy the most pleasant weather in the state. The winters aren’t too harsh with just a little flash of snow each year, however it’s not as hot or humid hot as those in Houston. Additionally, Arlington is far inland enough to stay clear of the dangers of hurricanes, but you’re also not required to contend with earthquakes that Oklahoma is battling further north.

Since It’s In Texas: No Income Tax!

If you’re planning to move to Arlington from another state, you could be thrilled to know that in the state of Arlington, there’s no tax on income! This means your pay checks will be a greater portion from your income than in others, so you’ll be able to spend it on other things you wish to spend your time enjoying. Arlington along with Texas are well-known among contractors and freelancers, particularly because they pay fewer taxes.

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