Infographic: Reasons Why Postcard Marketing Still Thrives in the Digital Age

There is a common belief that print is dying due to digital technology. Print continues to achieve greater responses than digital. The current response rate for printing has been recorded as 4.4%–compared with digital advertising, which has only 0.12%–so you’re missing an enormous opportunity to maximize your attention on electronic. Actually 57 percent of marketers who utilize postcards believe that they’re one of the best methods they employ. This infographic explains why postcards are among the most reliable and efficient methods of reaching your desired customer in a distinctive and meaningful way.

Important Statistics

If you’re still doubtful Here are some key figures to be aware of:

  • A majority of the population are enticed to visit a site after receiving postcards.
  • 70% of people believe that they have a better brand recall through direct mail, rather than through digital marketing.
  • Print ads remain among the top sources of marketing and sales leads, with a yearly rate of 8.8%.
  • 4 out of five business owners believe that postcards can help their business distinguish themselves from their competitors.

How Postcards are Used

There are a variety of applications for postcards. Some of them include:

  • Voucher cards
  • Reminder cards
  • Grand opening announcements
  • Cards for clearing
  • Discount cards for discount
  • Freebies
  • Birthday deals
  • First-time buyer discounts
  • BOGO

These strategies are highly efficient and are able to be used to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Postcard Marketing Works

Postcards can be used for many reasons, such as:

  • Cost-effective marketing with a remarkable ROI and 4.4% response rate. 4.4 percentage response rate.
  • Campaigns are easy to monitor by looking at the amount you have posted to sales that are generated by promo codes, landing pages or extensions for phones.
  • A variety of design styles and goals.
  • You’ll be less exposed to competition and more personal interaction with your customers.
  • Postcard marketing is cost-effective , and flexible enough to meet your needs and budget.
  • Postcard marketing is time-saving and does not require having to keep updating content (as is the case with the digital market).
  • A better branding experience that is more individual and unique.
  • QR codes are utilized to redeem options for tracking.
  • Postcards can boost the amount of traffic to your website and social media and help your digital endeavors.
  • Postcards are a great way to assess the effectiveness of campaigns.

How to Run an Easy Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

It’s also extremely easy to conduct an effective postcard marketing campaign with just a few steps:

  • Find your target audience with your personal mailer or using TROI’s guidelines for zeroing in on the most crucial characteristics, from location to demographics.
  • Set up smart goals for marketing according to your requirements like making sales, creating leads, increasing the brand’s visibility, advertising and so on.
  • Make a budget and keep it in mind with print and postage amounts.
  • Create a postcard that reflects your brand’s personality with an appealing title and an innovative design that will pique curiosity.

Check your results and confirm the increase in return on investment with the “old school” marketing technique.

Easily Measure Performance

As we’ve mentioned that postcards are the simplest way to measure the success of your marketing. There are many optionsto choose from, including:

  • Monitoring the number of orders made by sharing discount codes people can utilize to avail their customized discount.
  • Designing landing pages with relevant information. It also lets you to track the number of visits to your custom URL through Google analytics.
  • The assignment of a unique phone number to your contact allows you to keep track of the number of calls your postcard is generating.
  • Utilizing QR codes to allow people to scan their postcards.

All of these statistics show how effective postcards can be. If you decide to incorporate these with other digital advertising strategies or simply as an independent strategy for marketing, you’re sure to learn the reasons why postcards remain one of the most effective ways to advertise your company.


Since the world is moving toward digital technology marketing, as a professional who is a traditionalist it is possible to differentiate yourself from your crowd.

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